Story Sarabo Selection

Zoe Sarabo is the Founder of Sarabo Selections. She was born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana and left in 2005 to pursue her studies at Arizona State University where she received her Bachelors and Masters Degrees. She started Sarabo Selections in 2015 after successfully organizing a Pan African/Caribbean Fashion Show in Phoenix, Arizona and recognizing that there was need for affordable African print pieces in the valley.

Sarabo Selections is both a marketplace and a platform for talented designers who are passionate about quality fashion. It provides them with an opportunity to promote and market their designs and gain access to a larger market. Zoe made an intentional decision to ensure that all of the clothing made under the Sarabo Selections brand is made by local seamstresses and tailors based on the continent and that all the fabrics being used are genuine “African” prints so that the local communities can benefit from the partnership. She is currently working with tailors, seamstresses and designers based in Ghana, Senegal and Kenya and are seeking to work with Caribbean designers.

Wearing African print clothing is not just a fashion statement it is a life style. Sarabo Selections offers styles that can be worn by any fashion forward individual for any occasion. It adds flare and color and bold expression to any closet. In addition, Sarabo Selections offers women and men the opportunity to connect with their cultural identity and find beauty in who they are through fashion. It is also for those persons who are on their spiritual journey of discovery and looking for fashionable pieces that reflect their change and growth